Use Healthcare Financing to Increase Your Patient Base

Whether your private practice revolves around medical treatment, chiropractic services, dental expertise or veterinary medicine, increasing your patient base can improve your long-term income. To reach this goal, many practitioners choose to enlarge their clinic, invest in state-of-the art equipment or purchase competing practices. Accomplishing these goals is easy with our healthcare financing options.

Leasing Options for Medical Equipment

The right equipment can have a huge impact on treatment efficiency and your reputation for excellence. With high-tech medical equipment, it’s easier to provide quality care, improved patient comfort and customer satisfaction. Our equipment leasing options put essential devices within reach, while avoiding the need for significant business capital. Options include:

  • Coverage for up to 50 percent of soft costs
  • Flexible and comfortable monthly payments
  • Hybrid loan financing and lease options available

Loans for Working Capital

Having access to capital gives you the freedom to decide the best way to expand your medical practice. There are many possible avenues, including:

  • New practice startup expenses
  • Continuing post-graduate education
  • Debt consolidation
  • Office construction, remodeling or expansion
  • Marketing or website creation costs

Our lengthy terms and comfortable interest rates allow you to build your ideal practice without feeling weighed down. No down payments are required, and applications of up to $75,000 feature immediate approval. With financial documents, you can qualify for loan amounts up to $250,000.

Find out all the healthcare financing options available to you for growing your business by contacting our helpful advisors. We can help you turn great ideas into reality.