Dominate Your Industry with Purchase Order Financing

Have you ever wanted to bid on a large-scale project or offer your products to a national brand, only to hold back because you weren’t sure if your business could afford to invest the capital required? While keeping raw materials and inventory costs down is important, you shouldn’t have to pass on great opportunities or let capital requirements determine how you run your business. With purchase order financing, securing the goods and materials needed for order fulfillment is never a problem.

Ways Purchase Order Financing can Drive Growth

With lending based on authorized purchases from your customers, you can take on the largest orders without fear of having insufficient capital. Here are a few ways to put this type of financing to work for your business:

  • Importing required raw materials or finished goods
  • Securing products from suppliers at optimal price points
  • Obtaining emergency inventory to respond to market fluctuations
  • Exporting company goods
  • Expanding warehousing options for faster delivery times

Contact Us for Assistance with Customized Financing

Purchase order financing isn’t rigid. We can work with you to develop the best options to cover your company’s present or future financial needs, whether for business expansion, day-to-day operations, cash-flow problems or large-scale order fulfillment. Make an appointment with one of our helpful advisors to learn more.