Would You Like to Work for High Ground Finance?

At High Ground Finance, we’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic financial professionals who want to join our ranks and provide the best customer service possible. If working for a top lending institution fits your career goals, here are some of things that our HR team values highly:

  • Friendly personality: Our employees must be welcoming, laid-back and positive, helping clients feel empowered to make their financial dreams happen.
  • Confidence: Being able to effectively convince others of the value of your ideas is important.
  • Attention to detail: Assisting customers means being organized, keeping track of client needs and following up with tailored solutions.
  • Sales experience: Previous sales training, and especially field experience, is a significant plus.
  • Good people skills: Our agents and partners establish solid relationships with potential clients. A touch of humor is always welcome.
  • Goal-oriented mindset: We’re looking for people who identify customer needs, set smart goals automatically, and meet them.

Join an Amazing Financial Sales Team

Working for High Ground Finance is an exceptional experience with numerous career and financial benefits. Our sales commissions are some of the best around, and our huge variety of loans and financing options makes it easy to interest new customers. In addition, you can work from virtually any location of your choosing.

We have a strong commitment to our employees and provide ongoing training and opportunities to advance your career. We prioritize team members, constantly giving you the support needed to succeed.

Referral and Broker Program

If you have an existing brokerage, we would be happy to partner with you for greater mutual success. Here are a few benefits of entering into a referral partnership with High Ground Finance:

  • Immediate payments after closing
  • Transparent fees
  • Top referral fees and commissions
  • Reciprocal referrals to your company
  • Loyalty to our referral partners

To find out more about employment opportunities with our progressive team, or to inquire about our referral and broker program, contact one of our helpful associates immediately. We’d love to work with you.